A new nursing student girl’s adventure
brought to you by Shimarisu-san Team!



This is a nursing student adventure game brought to you by Kogado’s Shimarisu-san Team who made such hits as Nurse Love Syndrome and Solfage.

Nurse Love Syndrome followed the main character as she entered the real world and began growing into an adult woman, starting her job at the hospital. For this title, Nurse Love Addiction, we go back to follow a young woman who has just started out in nursing school, pursuing her childhood dreams.


She isn’t quite an adult yet, but is treated as such. This is a story of one young woman who, through her school and romantic life, breaks out of her shell.

The story takes place in Seiseki Yukigaoka, a city with beautiful cherry blossoms located in Teito Tokyo.
Asuka Osachi enrolled in Teito Nursing School, and is doing her best while surrounded by her considerate younger sister, excellent classmates, and strict-but-kind teacher. Asuka’s classes are way harder than they were in high school, and sometimes she finds herself feeling discouraged. And in other moments, she will feel encouraged by the kind words of her patients.

What you’ll find are youthful students, and the fabric of human relationships as they break off into couples.
Students should be allowed to make mistakes, but in the medical field where the stakes are life or death, failure isn’t an option. In such circumstances, nurses are tasked with steeling their compassion and kindness to remain professional while getting the job done.

The girls struggle as they face both their patients, and their own hearts.

A story of friendship as a girl grows through her experiences
with the many unique characters around her.

Bringing this story to life is Hio Kosaka,
a well-known yuri writer.
Female friendship can be fragile as a rose, but is just as beautiful. We bring you a world that is as gentle as a warm spring day under the shade of the trees as the sunlight trickles through, and the words pass by you like a nearby stream. Additionally, Sakura Sakura, who participated in the previous title’s script, returns to help add a sense of realism to the world we’ve built.

Designing these unique female characters is Akira Hayase,
popular among fans for her whimsical fairytale touch. Students and members of society, children and adults–the girls are both, and yet neither. She brings these girls’ charms to the surface with detailed and stylistic craftsmanship that is filled with a dream-like purity.

Our story will leave you with the ideals and realties faced by these fledgling angels in white as they pursue their dreams of becoming nurses.